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5 tips to eliminte any dental emergencies during the holiday period

Christmas and the summer holidays are many Australian’s favourite time of the year- spending time with family, eating all the delicious foods and spending days chasing the sun- what more could you want?

With the increase of sugar treats and a relaxed routine all-round, dental emergencies are more likely to occur.

Here are 5 tips to implement during the festive period to help eliminate any potential dental problems.

1. Cut down the sugar intake

Cut down the sugar intake

Sugary food and drinks produce acid that can wear down the surface of your teeth, also known as tooth decay.

Children’s teeth are more susceptible to tooth decay, as their enamel layer is thinner and weaker, which can lead to cavities.

You don’t have to avoid sugar completely this holiday season, but it is recommended to limit how much you consume. This includes lollie and chocolates, but also dried fruits and processed foods, as these all have high sugar counts and can stick to your teeth. Also be aware of sugary drinks such as soft drinks, fruit juices and sports drinks as they are all high in sugar.

2. More water, less alcohol 

More waterless alcohol

Alcohol is usually a staple during the festive and holiday season, but consuming alcohol adds to your risk of developing dental problems. Some alcoholic beverages such as red wine cause discolouration, as well as other dental problems. Excessive alcohol consumption can enhance your risk of developing oral cancer.

To minimise the risk of developing any oral issues,  it is recommended to drink a glass of water between each alcoholic beverage, as the water helps wash away damaging acids on the teeth.

3. Don’t use your teeth as ‘tools’

We’ve all done this before- used our teeth to open a bottle or tear a piece of sticky tape- but using your teeth as tools can cause serious damage to your teeth, this includes children.

When your kids are frantically opening presents this holiday season, keep an eye on them and make sure they’re not using their teeth to open their latest Lego pack or barbie doll.

If you do damage a tooth, you should contact a dentist immediately as soon as possible.

4. Protect your teeth when playing sports

Sports | Buderim Dentist

Summer holidays usually mean more time for backyard sporting games with family and friends- which means there are more chances for dental accidents.

If your children play contact sports like rugby or any other contact activities, they should be wearing a mouthguard to protect their pearly whites.
Wearing a mouthguard can reduce the severity of injuries and may prevent teeth from getting knocked out.

If a tooth does get knocked out then contact a dentist immediately, they may be able to salvage the tooth if it’s mostly intact. 

5. Keep up your dental hygiene habits

Keep up your dental hygiene habits

The holiday period is a busy time, but it’s important to make sure you and your family take good care of your teeth and gums. Keeping up your regular oral hygiene routine is integral as any changes can cause problems in the future for your overall dental health. Keeping up good oral hygiene includes:

  • Brushing your teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste
  • Flossing between your teeth once a day
  • Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Keeping up with your scheduled dental check-ups

During this holiday period, it’s important to ensure you and your family keep up their dental hygiene throughout this festive period.

Make sure to check your dentist’s appointment hours during the festive season like many businesses, dental clinics are often closed at certain times over the holidays.

For more tips and tricks speak to one of our friendly and professional dentists here at Comfort Dental – contact one of our friendly team members on (07) 5370 8865