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Diabetes And Your Oral Health

Diabetes And Your Oral Health

Diabetes And Your Oral Health
Did you know that more than one million Australians may have diabetes? That some estimates are 1.7 million Australians?

That means that more than five percent of the Australian population may be diabetic.

These estimates include all types of diagnosed diabetes (1.2 million known and registered) as well as silent, undiagnosed type 2 diabetes (up to 500,000 cases are estimated).

Diabetes affects your body’s ability to process sugar. This is a problem as all food you eat is turned into sugar and used for energy. In Type I diabetes, the body doesn’t make enough insulin, a hormone that carries sugar from your blood to the cells that need it for energy.

In Type II diabetes, the body stops responding to insulin. In both cases, high blood sugar levels can result, and they can cause issues with your eyes, nerves, kidneys, heart, and other parts of your body.

Comfort Dental Centre Buderim would like to share some information about how diabetes and poor oral health are related, and what you can do about it.

Diabetes and your mouth

If diabetes is left untreated, it can damage your mouth. Here’s how:

  • You may have less saliva, causing your mouth to feel dry.
  • Because saliva protects your teeth, you’re also at a higher risk of cavities.
  • Gums may become inflamed and bleed often (gingivitis).
  • You may have problems tasting food.
  • You may experience delayed wound healing.
  • You may be susceptible to infections inside of your mouth.
  • For children with diabetes, teeth may erupt at an age earlier than is typical.

But worst of all, if diabetic gingivitis is not treated, it can lead to more serious periodontal disease that can damage gums, teeth, and bone, potentially leading to tooth loss and worse.

Why People with Diabetes Are More Prone to Gum Disease

Periodontal disease and diabetes cause inflammatory responses in the entire body, which is part of the reason that each can make the other worse, and also, exacerbate many other diseases.

All people have tiny bacteria in their mouth that, if they find a home in your gums, can give cause periodontal disease. This chronic, inflammatory disease can destroy your gums, all the tissues holding your teeth, and even your bones.

Periodontal disease is the most common dental disease among those with diabetes. It affects over 20% of those diagnosed. And, as we age, poor blood sugar control heightens the risk of gum problems.

In fact, people with diabetes are at a higher risk for gum problems because of poor blood sugar control. Worse, as with all infections, serious gum disease may cause blood sugar to rise.

This becomes a vicious cycle in which diabetes increases gum infection, while gum infection increases the damage of diabetes.

How Your Dentist Can Help You Fight Diabetes

Regular dental visits are important. Treating gum disease can improve blood sugar control in patients living with diabetes, decreasing the progression of the disease. Practicing good oral hygiene and having professional deep cleanings done by your dentist can lower your average blood sugar level.

Your Diabetes Dental Health Action Plan

Here are five things you can do to for optimal wellness, even if you suffer from diabetes:

  • Control your blood sugar levels. Good blood sugar control will also help your body fight any bacterial or fungal infections in your mouth and help relieve dry mouth caused by diabetes.
  • Avoid smoking. Smoking decreases oxygen to your tissues, making infection more likely.
  • If you wear dentures clean them every day.
  • Make sure to brush twice a day with a soft brush and clean between your teeth daily. Change your toothbrush regularly.
  • Also, floss regularly, to dislodge plaque and tartar stuck between teeth.
  • See your dentist for regular checkups, as periodontal disease cannot be conquered alone.

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