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Eating Disorders and How It Affects Your Oral Health

How eating disorders affect your oral health
Eating disorders such as Anorexia Nervosa or Bulimia Nervosa have multiple negative physiological effects on your body, including adverse effects on your oral health.

How Do Eating Disorders Attack Your Mouth?

  1. Mucosa Damage. Harm to your gums can include reddening, inflammation, and ulceration. Left untreated, gums can recede so far that roots become exposed to acid and can be damaged by simple brushing.
  2. Tooth Damage. An acid produced by vomiting associated with eating disorders (or acidic food and drink) can cause erosion of your teeth as well as tooth decay.
  3. Saliva Decrease. Eating disorders can cause “dry mouth”, or lack of saliva. Because saliva is important in cleaning the mouth and fighting bacteria growth, dry mouth increases the risk of gum disease and tooth decay.
  4. Gums and Bones. Gums and bones are at greater risks from gum disease.
  5. Appearance. Your teeth can become too shiny and develop small chips on their front edges. Color can also shift, from white to chalky and yellow.
  6. Physical Symptoms. Eating disorders can cause sensitivity to sweet or cold foods and drinks. Decay can lead to tooth pain. Damage to your gums may also bring a burning sensation or general discomfort.

“The National Eating Disorder Association has reported that, “An eating disorder may cause lingering or even permanent damage to the teeth and mouth. Early detection of eating disorders may ensure a smoother and more successful recovery period for the body and the teeth” (NEDA, “Dental Complications of Eating Disorders”, 2016).”

This is why if you or a loved one has an eating disorder, the friendly professionals at Comfort Dental Centre would be happy to sit down with you and talk about dental and holistic approaches towards treating it.

Don’t let an eating disorder affect your life, wellbeing, and smile. Contact Comfort Dental Centre Buderim today, on (07) 5370 8865!