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Heading back to school? Get your mouth guard today with our special offer!

As your children head back to school and the upcoming sports season approaches, you may already be thinking about registrations, scheduling and replacing equipment. When you’re planning for the sports season, another consideration you should keep in mind is practicing sports safety by getting your child a custom-fitted mouth guard

Why are mouthguards important?

Sports mouthguards should be an essential piece of equipment for anyone participating in sports that may involve contact to the mouth. 

Mouthguards are about much more than just protecting against chipped teeth.  Broken teeth, displaced teeth or lost teeth can carry life-long issues with maintenance and cost.  There is also evidence to support the use of mouthguards in preventing bone fractures, lip damage and even concussions.  

Our custom-fitted mouthguard offer 

At Comfort dental, we believe strongly in prevention and we feel like we owe our regular patients a duty of care to try and protect their teeth as best as possible every day of the year.  We see injuries that occur as a result of young patients not wearing mouthguards or wearing poorly fitting mouthguards which offer little protection.