Sedation Dentistry in Buderim, QLD: Commonly Asked Questions

You might have a friend or a family member who is too scared to receive dental procedures. Their most common response after hearing the dentist’s request for a root canal treatment or an extraction is hesitation. But since neglecting the dental health care can place unfavourable effects to the overall wellness, why not tell them about sedation dentistry? This particular branch of dentistry can be a great help when dental phobias step in.

Patient under sedation

Patients who are coming to our clinic at Comfort Dental Centre for complex dental treatments usually avail of our sedation dentistry service for extra comfort. We have laughing gas (nitrous oxide) which our adult and young patients can take advantage of. Sedation dentistry aims to promote a pleasant dental experience to everyone. That is why the next time someone in your family refuses to see the dentist because of fear, just share them the excellent benefits that they can get from the said dentistry branch. But to do that, you have to gather these essential pieces of information about sedation dentistry first.

Learn From These Sedation Dentistry FAQs!

Even sedation dentistry cannot get away from terrible misconceptions. But to clear things out, we answered some of the common questions concerning it.

What are the after effects of sedation dentistry?

People are typically worried about the aftermath of sedation dentistry without them knowing that the said service has no significant side effects. If one is experienced, we are positive that it is merely minor like a short hiccup and dry mouth.

Is safety guaranteed with sedation dentistry?

Before approving the patients for sedation dentistry, dental professionals primarily check their medical conditions and histories. This step is necessary to ensure that the person will not get any adverse reactions from the sedative. It is also noted that sedation dentistry has little to no risk, so patients can be confident that their safety is secured.

What type of sedation is commonly used in dentistry?

It’s laughing gas! Nitrous oxide is ideal for everybody’s use—even children are qualified for it. The versatility of laughing gas attracts more and more patients to invest in it in today’s time. Plus, this type of sedative is a lot more convenient when compared to the other options—another bonus!

Who are the best candidates for sedation dentistry?

Those who are bound to receive extensive dental procedures can benefit from sedation dentistry. It is also suited for people who are difficult to be numbed by anesthetics. Patients who have bad gag reflex will find sedation dentistry useful.

Get more information about Sedation Dentistry in Buderim, QLD. Talk to us at Comfort Dental Centre now. We are located at T204b, 32 Wises Road, Buderim, Queensland 4556.

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