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The “True or False” of Orthodontics in Buderim, QLD

Orthodontics in Buderim
There is a lot more to know about orthodontics – true or false?

Of course, there’s indeed a wide range of facts that are waiting to be unveiled in this particular dentistry procedure!

But before jumping into it, let us at Comfort Dental Centre give you a little background of the treatment first.

Orthodontics is considered a specific dentistry branch. The word “orthodontics” has an interesting Greek meaning.

It is made up of the term “orthos” which means straight or correct, while “dontics” is known as teeth.

The goals of the treatment are to provide a cosmetic correction and healthy bite functions, prevent diseases from accumulating on the teeth, and improve the appearance of the patient’s smile.

It straightens the person’s pearly whites through the use of oral devices like braces, clear aligners, and retainers.

Fun Facts About Orthodontics

The “True”

  • At the age of 7, people are supposed to visit the dentist for orthodontic treatment – this is considered the right age to get started with Phase I of the procedure.
  • DIY braces are popular nowadays. However, there is no guarantee if the bite will be aligned appropriately by fake braces. The thing that is sure about do-it-yourself orthodontic appliances is that they can put their teeth at risk.
  • The dentist and orthodontist have two different functions. Dentists are in-charge on the general oral health of the person while orthodontists specialise in straightening the teeth and aligning the jaws.
  • Comfort Dental Centre can make your dream smile come true! We offer orthodontic services that you can take advantage.

The “False”

  • The misconceptions stating that braces started nearly 50 years ago is not correct! Did you know that Ancient Egyptians already practised orthodontics with the aim of perfecting their smiles? Moreover, the development of orthodontics really began way back in the 18th and 19th centuries.
  • Another pseudo fact is that the teeth straightening journey will merely end after finishing the orthodontic treatment. The truth is, the patient is required to wear a retainer to keep the proper positioning of the teeth.
  • Celebrities are blessed with a picture-perfect smile the moment they are born – no, they aren’t! Some of them owed their straight, pearly-white teeth to orthodontists.

The road to a straighter, healthier mouth begins with an orthodontist appointment. If you’re looking for Orthodontic Services in Buderim, QLD, contact us at Comfort Dental Centre and schedule an appointment. We’ll make sure to answer any other questions you might have.