Tips to Have a Celebrity-Like Smile in Buderim, QLD

Wondering where did Hilary Duff, Zac Efron, and Tom Cruise get their picture-perfect smile? The truth is, a lot of personalities in Hollywood give their smiles a makeover to nourish their career. They decided to opt for some cosmetic dentistry procedures such as veneers to achieve their winning smile!

Indeed, having a great smile is one way to build a good profile. Aside from gaining a pleasant appearance, smiling also makes one more approachable and friendly. According to some, success can also be measured by the way one smiles, while others believe that attaining a beautiful smile makes one more employable.


Beautiful Girl Smiling


Smiling is beneficial for a person. To upgrade your smile, we listed down some useful tips.

Invest in Cosmetic Dentistry. For famous individuals, cosmetic dentistry is essential in maintaining their looks. An unhealthy lifestyle like smoking and drinking can damage and discolour the teeth making it look undesirable. However, certain cosmetic dentistry treatments, like veneers, can help conceal this issue. We at Comfort Dental Centre provide porcelain veneers in Buderim, QLD. If you want to get started with your new smile, you can set an appointment with us.

Avoid certain foods and drinks. Eating healthily benefits both the body and the teeth. As much as possible, limit your consumption of acidic and sugary beverages like soda to prevent enamel erosion and tooth structure damage. Particular drinks like coffee and tea can stain the teeth making it appear rotten or yellow. If you drink any of these, make sure to swish your mouth with water afterward.

Teeth are only for chewing foods. Often, people use their teeth as a tool to open or cut an object. Nevertheless, it is something that one must stop doing to get rid of dental injuries like chipped, cracked, or broken tooth.

Level up your brushing. Tired of the same old brushing routine? Why not upgrade with an electric toothbrush? Aside from making your teeth a lot cleaner, you can also keep track of your brushing duration because of its built-in timer!

Regular dental visits. Tartar build-up and tooth loss is a no-no when it comes to keeping a healthy smile. Setting up an appointment at the dentist every six months can avert these irregularities. The dentist will conduct professional teeth cleaning to make your teeth free from any unwanted particles that can dull your smile’s sparkle!


Cosmetic Dentistry in Buderim, QLD, IL can transform a patient’s smile and self-confidence. Don’t wait any longer! Schedule your appointment with us at Comfort Dental Centre! We welcome patients to schedule a consultation to see which treatments are best suited for them.

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