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Tooth Replacement in Buderim, QLD: Why Is It Necessary?

Tooth-Replacement in Buderim
Gum disease, tooth decay, and injury – are the most common causes of tooth loss.

Typically, adults start off with a complete set of teeth, but upon reaching the age of 45-65, the majority are losing at least one tooth.

If you are suffering from missing teeth, you might as well think of a tooth replacement. At Comfort Dental Centre, we offer several options for teeth restorations. These include:

  • Removable Partial Denture. This type of treatment makes use of metals and gum coloured plastics. The main advantage of the removable partial denture is that it is less expensive than the other restoration alternatives.
  • Complete Removable Denture. The oral device being utilized in this kind of teeth replacement is designed for those with entirely missing teeth on both the upper and lower jaw.
  • Snap-on Smile. The appliance can be placed over the teeth in a snap. It is considered as a modern alternative to partial dentures.

Comfort Dental Centre also provides dental bridges and implants for a more stable restoration. Our dentist can assess your condition and then recommend a solution that is best suited to your specific dental needs.

Why should missing teeth be replaced?

No one wants to have incomplete pearly whites. But aside from aesthetic purposes, missing teeth might compromise one’s chewing function as well.

Did you even know that for each lost tooth 10% of the chewing ability is diminished? The jaw is supposed to collaborate with the 28 teeth.

Nevertheless, if any of these teeth start to loosen, the surrounding structures are subject to relocation on the vacant space, thereby putting the healthy teeth at risk for decay and gum disease.

The bone that holds the teeth and the formation of the face are affected when tooth loss takes place; a person may look older if tooth replacements are ignored.

Don’t neglect missing teeth! When it comes to teeth restorations, we at Comfort Dental Centre got you covered. Book your Tooth Replacement appointment in Buderim, QLD with us now. Visit us at  T204b, 32 Wises Road, Buderim, Queensland 4556.