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Valentine’s Day, Cupid, And Your Dental Hygiene

Valentines Day Cupid And Your Dental Hygiene Dentist Buderim
Valentine’s Day is upon us. Given that Valentine’s Day is all about love, a lot of emphasis is naturally placed on our mouths. Think about how many time we’ll say “I love you,” how many times we’ll flash a smile, how many smooches we’ll lay on our loved ones, the meals we’ll have, and the candies we may eat.

Comfort Dental Centre Buderim wants to be sure that your mouth, teeth, gums, even tongue, are well prepared for this event.

Keep soft and hydrated lips. The human body is 70% water and needs a great deal of water to remain hydrated. For attractive and smoochable lips, consume a lot of water, and avoid dehydrating liquids, like coffee, tea, alcohol, soda, and juice. This will ensure that your lips are soft and kissable.

Lipstick. Speaking of our lips, makeup-wearers can make teeth appear a bit brighter by wearing dark lipstick. This is not a permanent solution to yellow or stained teeth, but it can help you out until you can get into Comfort Dental Centre Buderim for a tooth-whitening treatment!

Lean in for that kiss. The act of kissing can actually help prevent tooth decay because it stimulates saliva, which helps reduce the incidence of cavities. Dental treatment doesn’t get much better than that!

Avoid Bad Breath

It’s Valentine’s Day and love is in the air. Well, unless what’s in the air is an unromantic breath odour.

To fight bad breath we need to fight its causes.

Unpleasant, smelly bacteria. Bacteria in your mouth love the sugar from everything you eat and drink – and on Valentine’s Day, we traditionally eat quite a lot of sugary foods. This calls for brushing, flossing, and rinsing.

Dry mouth. Saliva keeps your enamel protected against tooth erosion and protects teeth by washing away debris in your mouth that would otherwise stay around and foster offensive odors. Hydrate properly, and if you still have a dry mouth, visit us at Comfort Dental Centre Buderim.

The foods we eat and drink. Some foods and drinks lead to bad breath. Peppers, garlic, hot sauce, and wine are all delicious, but they can cause bad breath that is hard to mask. One way keep bad breath at bay is to keep your mouth moist, and the best foods for that are crunchy raw veggies and fresh fruits.

They not only scrub your teeth while you chew, but their crunch promotes saliva production.

Bacteria on our tongue. A clean mouth means a clean tongue. Your tongue is a soft, warm home for microscopic residue from the day’s foods and drinks. So scrub that tongue!

The Link Between Oral Health And Heart Health

Valentine’s Day is a heart-based day, and it turns out dental health may be good for your heart’s health. Gum disease increases the risk for heart attack by nearly 50%, according to a recent study that tested the link between gum disease and heart attack risk.

Researchers discovered that approximately 43% of heart attack patients had gum disease, while gum disease affected only 33% of healthy adults. Researchers concluded that individuals with gum disease were 49% more likely to have a heart attack than those who did not suffer from it.

So, it seems likely that one way to help have a healthy heart for many Valentine’s Days to come is to take care of our oral health!

Be Careful With Chocolates

A long-standing Valentine’s Day tradition is giving a giant box of chocolates to your loved one. But candy is not ideal for your teeth.

The real problem with candy is how sticky it is. Sticky candy stays longer in the mouth, leaving sugar in place for bacteria to feed on. These bacteria cause bad breath and decay.

Not all, however, is bad news. Dark chocolate contains tannins that help prevent cavities by interfering with acid production and antioxidants that help keep your body healthy. So if you’re shopping for chocolates, go for dark chocolate with a high cocoa level.

It’s Not Too Early To Plan For NEXT Valentine’s Day!

If you feel that your smile, breath, and dental health aren’t everything they can be on this Valentine’s Day, contact us at Comfort Dental Centre Buderim. We can treat bad breath, whiten teeth, protect your overall health, and offer cosmetic dental treatments that will help make a better and more confident you by next Valentine’s Day!

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