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Why do I have bad breath? Bad breath treatment & causes

Bad Breath Treatment Buderim
If you’re suffering from halitosis, bad breath treatment can begin with a few simple changes in your dental hygiene routine or your daily lifestyle. Understanding the common causes of bad breath can help you realise where your issue may lie and help with at-home remedies. But if the problem persists, it’s always helpful to visit a trusted dentist for professional, individualised bad breath treatment.

What causes bad breath?

1. Poor dental hygiene

Your dental hygiene routine should be the first thing that you can address for bad breath treatment at home. Not only should you be keeping your teeth clean, but it’s also important that you clean every area of your mouth. Remember to:

  • Brush twice a day for 2 minutes
  • Use mouthwash to remove bacteria
  • Always brush your tongue – This is an especially important, but sometimes neglected, step to removing bad breath. You may notice that your tongue turns white after you have eaten certain meals or if you have not brushed it in a while. This is a sign that odour-causing bacteria are thriving off of your tongue and must be cleaned with either a tongue scraper or a tongue cleaner that you can find on the back of most toothbrushes.

2. Poor diet

What you put in your mouth also plays a role in how clean you keep it. Pungent foods (e.g. onion, garlic, spices), coffee and alcohol are just some foods that can leave an after-scent in the mouth and cause lasting bad breath. Foods such as crunchy fruits and vegetables, sugar-free chewing gum, and yogurt are known to help with bad breath treatment.

3. Dry mouth

Dry Mouth is a condition where the supply of saliva is not enough to keep the mouth healthy. A healthy amount of saliva is important for keeping the mouth moistened, preventing tooth decay, and washing away food residue. If you notice that you often have a dry mouth, reminding yourself to drink plenty of water is a simple method for home care bad breath treatment.

4. Gum disease, infection & other serious dental issues

Individualised bad breath treatment is required if you suffer from more serious dental health problems. Halitosis can be caused by gum disease (periodontal disease). Bacteria and receding gums can be caused by poor oral hygiene, which can make bad breath worse. Halitosis can also be caused by a mouth infection from poor dental work or dental abscesses.

Do you suffer from bad breath? Is bad breath ruining your social life and confidence? Visit a dedicated dentist at Comfort Dental Centre Buderim today for comprehensive bad breath treatments, including a dental scale and clean and at-home oral hygiene instructions. Call (07) 5370 8865 or book an appointment online.