Periodontal Treatment in

Periodontal Treatment in Buderim

Bleeding gums? It’s a sign you need to visit your dentist as soon as possible.

Symptoms of gum disease include:

  • Bad breath
  • Bleeding gums when brushing teeth or otherwise
  • Sensitive, red or swollen gums
  • Teeth that are loose
  • Teeth appear to have shifted

If you are in need of advanced treatment for gum disease, Comfort Dental Centre Buderim is the best place to visit. Our expert dentists are committed to helping you get the quality dentistry and care you deserve.

Our dental procedures such as periodontal treatment are recommended and carried out to help you achieve the healthiest mouth possible. Treatment methods for gum disease depend upon the type and severity of the dental condition.

What Causes Gum Disease

The most common cause of gum disease is plaque build-up. When the pockets or spaces between teeth or gums get filled with bacteria, plaque and tartar, it causes irritation to the surrounding tissues leading to the development of gum disease.

When the bacterial plaque remains in the pocket space, they not only cause damage to the gums, but over time can also harm the bone that supports the teeth.

Here are the other factors that can increase your risk of gingivitis:

  • Injury to the gums
  • Stress
  • Smoking
  • Pregnancy
  • Poor nutrition
  • Diabetes
  • Adverse effects of certain medications
  • Rough or misaligned teeth

Gum Disease Treatments

Periodontal treatment can vary widely depending on how far the condition has progressed. If the gum disease is caught in mild, early stages (gingivitis) then a simple procedure will be effective. The treatment’s main objective is to remove the plaque and hard tartar build-up from below gum line and disrupt the bacteria that cause infection.

On the other hand, if the disease has already advanced (periodontitis) to the point that periodontal pockets are deep and the supporting bone is lost, a more complex treatment might be necessary.

To alleviate the symptoms of gum disease, your Comfort Dental Centre Buderim dentist may perform scaling and root planning. If the pockets don’t heal after the treatment, periodontal surgery may be necessary.

Treatment for gum disease is as crucial as its prevention is. Without treatment, this serious oral health disease can cause detrimental effects on your mind and body. That’s why if you or your loved one is showing signs of gum disease, we encourage you to see us immediately.

Advanced Gum Treatment in Buderim at Comfort Dental Centre Buderim

Comfort Dental Centre Buderim provides expert care for healthy, beautiful smiles. Call our Buderim dental office to schedule a check-up, consultation or second opinion visit. We offer top-notch dentistry to patients from Buderim and surrounding areas.

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Scale and Clean

Brushing your teeth is not enough. Not all plaque can be removed during the two minutes you spend trying to brush it away.

The molars, for instance, are often not properly brushed making them the perfect hiding spots for bacteria.

To avoid worse dental problems, it is imperative that you see your Buderim dentist at Comfort Dental Centre Buderim for a dental check-up and a dental scale and clean.

A dental scale and clean is an essential part of keeping your teeth clean and risk-free. It is a quick, non-invasive procedure that removes all plaque and tartar buildup in the mouth.

Read on and learn more about this amazing dental treatment and how your Comfort Dental Centre Buderim dentist can help!

What Is Tartar Or Calculus?

After you eat, food particles are left in your mouth. Minerals form dental plaque around the teeth as a result of bacterial action on the food particles. Plaque is easily removed when you brush your teeth.

However, with poor dental hygiene, dental plaque hardens into tartar or calculus. When plaque reaches this stage, a regular brushing cannot remove it. Only your dentist can help by scraping plaque and calculus off your teeth.

What are the Effects of Tartar or Calculus in the Mouth?

Tartar or calculus buildup in the mouth can lead to a number of dental issues such as:

Tooth Decay.

Tartar contains bacteria that attack the teeth’s enamel, forming cavities leading to decay.


Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease. Tartar buildup causes the gums to redden and inflame.

Periodontal Disease.

As the tartar continues to irritate the gums, the gingivitis progresses into periodontitis, in which the gums recede and deep pockets form, resulting in tooth sensitivity and loose teeth, and eventual teeth loss.

Bad Breath.

Tartar produces a foul scent causing you to have a bad breath.

The Dental Scale and Clean Process

To remove the tartar buildup in your teeth, an ultrasonic instrument is used in to knock the tartar deposits off. It also sprays water to wash the debris away.

Afterwards, fine hand tools are used to scrape the smaller tartar deposits remaining in the teeth. As a final step, your teeth’s surfaces are smoothed and polished. Tartar will not easily stick to teeth with smooth surfaces.

A dental scale and clean is often recommended to patients with receding gums. With the tartar removed, the gums can reattach themselves in their former position.

A regular dental scale and clean is recommended every six months. However, if at during your dental check-up, your dentist finds your teeth do not need dental scale and clean, it will not be performed.

Cleaner and Healthier Teeth at Comfort Dental Centre Buderim

Comfort Dental Centre Buderim is your trusted partner in keeping your teeth clean and healthy. Enjoy our preventive dentistry services for a healthier mouth!

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