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Broken Dentures

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It’s a denture wearers’ worst nightmare when their dentures break in the middle of eating or speaking. However, before you try to fix broken dentures, you should call your dentist!

Dentures are essential part of your everyday life. They complete your smile, but most of all they help you eat the foods you want as well as communicate with other people with confidence.

Unfortunately, no matter how well you take care of them, your dentures can break anytime.

If you have broken dentures, the best way to repair them is to schedule a visit to your dentist for a denture repair appointment.

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Don’t Fix Your Dentures Yourself

What if you damage your dentures late at night? You might be tempted to fix them by yourself. You might use household glue to affix the broken piece back to its place. However, such a “fix” may only cause more damage to your prosthetics.

Denture repair might seem helpful. You can easily find repair kits at local pharmacies. Though these products may claim that they can fix cracks, denture repair kits are only intended for emergency repair and not for long-term fixes. The adhesives may work but may also cause gum irritation.

In addition, the success of denture repair kits is limited. They often result in further repairs. So instead of permanently fixing the issue, they can lead to a bigger problem in the future.

If you try to repair your dentures with store-bought adhesives or repair kits, your dentist may not be able to repair them properly. Proper denture repair takes professional skills and requires the right technique and materials are used.

Emergency Dentist for Broken Dentures

For emergency cases like damaged dentures, the best option is always your dentist. Your dentist can fix and replace dentures in a safe and professional manner.

The repair depends on how damaged your dentures are. The dentist may need to provide a mould of your mouth to the manufacturer to make a new pair. If the dentures are not badly damaged, the dentist can fix them at the clinic.

A simple crack can be easily fixed in just one visit. However, the damage may also indicate that you need to replace your worn out prosthetics. At Comfort Dental Central Buderim, we will advise you what’s best for your dentures.

Denture Repair at Comfort Dental Centre Buderim

If you have questions about denture repair or replacement, call your Comfort Dental Central Buderim dentist as soon as possible. Don’t repair dentures at home! Your dental care partners at Comfort Dental Central Buderim are here to help. We provide professional and high-quality repair for your dentures.

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