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Disease of the Jaw

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The health of your jawbone is an important aspect of oral health. An unhealthy jawbone can be problematic for your teeth and your comfort.

Unfortunately, not all diseases of the jaw are easily recognised. More often, you need the help of your dentist or a specialist to properly diagnose your condition.

If you frequently wake up with a headache, then it’s time to call your dentist. You might be suffering from a jaw disease.

Enduring the pain won’t help. A disease of the jawbone does not heal over time. The pain will only worsen. If you suffer from jaw pain contact your dentist right away.

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What Are The Common Diseases Of The Jaw?

Bruxism – This condition is characterised by unconscious and excessive grinding of the upper and lower teeth. The grinding may happen during day but is usually prevalent at night during sleep.

As the upper and lower arch meet, the impact causes damage to your teeth. At first you might not notice any changes, but in time your teeth will show chipping, fractures, wear, and even feel loose.

Aside from its effects on your teeth, bruxism can also cause your jawbone to tighten and even lock, making it difficult to close or open. The pain from the jawbone travels to the ear, neck, face, until develops into a headache.

Malocclusion – Also known as bite defects, malocclusion is the abnormal growth of the jawbone. The lower jawbone could be smaller or bigger than the upper jawbone or vice versa. The result is misaligned teeth and difficulty chewing.

Jaw infection– A dental abscess caused by untreated dental cavities or infection can spread to the jawbone when left untreated. Once it reaches the jawbone, you will feel pain in the mouth or jaw, swelling of the jaw, and fever.

TMJ disorders – The temporomandibular (tem-puh-roe-mun-DIB-u-lur) joint, which is the sliding hinge connecting the jawbone to the skull, can also be problematic. The condition is called TMJ disorder, and includes combinations of defects in the jawbone, including bruxism, earache, clicking and popping of the jaw.

Jaw trauma – Engaging in sports can be very risky for your jawbone, particularly without the right protective equipment. An impact to the face may leave you in a situation compromising the health of your jawbone.

Jaw Diseases Treatment At Comfort Dental Centre

Treatment for a disease of the jawbone varies depending on the disease and the severity.

For instance, mild cases of bruxism may be treated using jaw exercises and night splints. Avoidance of stressors is also effective.

Those with malocclusion can be treated using our comprehensive orthodontic treatments. And sports-enthusiasts can find refuge in our custom-fitted mouthguards and a same day emergency appointment should there be a need for one.

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If you think you have a disease of the jaw, don’t waste time. Call and visit your Comfort Dental Centre, right away, so we call properly diagnose your condition.

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