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Lost Tooth Filling Or Dental Crown

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With the tools of modern dentistry, dental professionals can provide high-quality tooth restorations that last for many years.

Fillings and crowns are among the most common treatments used to restore damaged teeth.

Today, these restorative treatments are made even stronger and long-lasting because of the high-quality materials being used to manufacture them.

However, for various reasons, your tooth filling or dental crown may come loose and fall out. Some of the common reasons include:

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What You Can Do For Lost Filling or Crown

Though losing a crown or filling is not considered an emergency, it can still cause pain and discomfort as the affected tooth can become highly sensitive to temperature, pressure, or air. It’s always recommended to schedule an appointment

For a lost dental crown:

For a lost tooth filling

Dental Repair for Lost or Damaged Restorations

The dentist will first evaluate the tooth with the lost filling or crown in order to determine the cause. For tooth fillings, the dentist may need to repair or replace the restoration, or go over other treatment options. If the filling needs to be replaced, you can choose a filling material that suits your preferences.

For lost crowns as well as inlays/onlays, the dentist can permanently cement the damaged restorations back to its original place. Before re-cementing them, the dentist will thoroughly clean the area to avoid the development of infection.

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If you lose your tooth filling, dental crowns, or inlays/onlays, visit us at Comfort Dental Centre Buderim for immediate dental care. A damaged restoration can cause you pain and discomfort. At Comfort Dental Centre Buderim, we will do everything to restore your smile with ease and efficiency.

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