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How Do You Know If You Need Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment buderim dentist
Do you endure a regular throbbing sensation in your mouth, or have your teeth become extremely sensitive to hot or cold stimuli?

These symptoms are never the sign of something good, and in some cases they mean, you may need a root canal (also called “endodontic therapy”).

The good news is that at Comfort Dental Centre we are experts in all dental treatments, including root canals.

Do I Need Endodontic Therapy?

In this post, we’re focusing on your symptoms – on how you can determine when a root canal may be necessary. We will also answer common questions we receive from patients about causes and prevention. If you don’t need a root canal today, we want to help you avoid them in the future!

Whether you need a root canal or not, Comfort Dental Centre is your partner in fast, effective dental treatment!

What Leads to a Root Canal?

Decay is the main reason patients need root canals. If a cavity becomes large enough, it can enter your pulp chamber or nerve. If bacteria enters this area, infection results. At that point, a root canal is needed to remove the bacteria and save your tooth and reduce pain.

But root canals can also be needed if your tooth cracks, breaks, or experiences any type of trauma.

If the thought of a root canal makes you nervous, you shouldn’t be. Modern dentistry has made this once much-maligned procedure a simple and painless process. Each year in Australia, many thousands of smiles and bites are saved by root canal therapy.

Do I Need a Root Canal?

A root canal is needed when a tooth’s nerve becomes irreversibly inflamed and damaged. If the tooth’s dental pulp — or “nerve” — becomes exposed to bacteria, it needs to be removed to prevent further pain and dangerous infections.

If you experience any of these nine symptoms – or, for that matter, have any type of sharp tooth pain – call your Comfort Dental Centre dentist as soon as possible:

  • If you’ve broken a tooth and your nerve has been exposed, you may feel extreme pain in response to changes in temperature — in serious cases, even cold air can cause this pain. This is particularly worrisome if the pain lingers afterwards.
  • Your tooth isn’t only a little bit sore. It’s throbbing, constantly.
  • This sharp, acute pain has worsened over time.
  • You have chronic, throbbing pain that happens throughout the day for no reason. It can even wake you up at night.
  • When you bite down, you experience extreme sharp pain. Especially when chewing food.
  • You have a foul taste or smell in your mouth (this may indicate you may have an infection).
  • The infected tooth appears discoloured, turning grey or black. This can be an indication the nerve is necrotic, which is the technical way that dentists say a tooth is dead.
  • You can see an abscess — what appears to be a bump or pimple on gum tissue — and there’s pus draining from it.
  • You have facial swelling. The swelling can seem to move and, if left untreated, be dangerous. It’s a telltale sign you have an infection. Seek immediate treatment.

How Long Should I Wait to See My Dentist?

Don’t wait! Call your Comfort Dental Centre dentist as quickly as you can!

The longer you wait, the worse the pain and potential infection will become. This type of dental damage only gets worse, not better. Seek immediate treatment!

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How can I Deal With the Pain Right Now?

You can purchase over-the-counter pain meds for pain and swelling, and/or place an ice pack on your face.

How Can I Prevent a Root Canal?

The need for root canals is often prevented the same way cavities are prevented: brush your teeth, floss them, and get regular check-ups.

Unfortunately, the need for a root canal cannot always be avoided. A tooth nerve may die or overtime for reasons beyond your control. A large restoration, a crack in the tooth, clenching or grinding, or trauma can cause nerve damage or death.

If you feel tooth pain, call your Comfort Dental Centre dentist without delay.

If you are lucky, you will only have a cavity, and getting it filled immediately can prevent the need for a root canal. If you do need a root canal, you can visit your trusted dentist at Comfort Dental Centre and receive compassionate, skilled, treatment.

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