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Special Message From Dr. Morisetty

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A Special Message for You From Dr. Lakshmi Morisetty B.D.S., M.P.H., M.B.A Would you like to learn how a visit to Comfort Dental Centre Buderim could be the first step on your path toward a cinema-star smile, greater social and business success, and top-notch dental health!

Dear Colleague,

I say “colleague” even though we have not worked together yet, because I want to share with you some facts that will point the way for you to dramatically improve your dental condition while also optimising your overall health, building your confidence, and improving your appearance. And once I’ve shared that with you, I’d like to work with you, as colleagues, to help you take advantage of the great news I am sharing.

Sounds to good to be true? Not really! Recent advances in dental techniques have made dramatic improvements in appearance possible through treatment in a dental office. These advances have amazed me, and I assure you they will amaze you as well!

As a team – as colleagues – we can work together to be sure that your teeth and gums are in the best possible condition. Along with that, I can help you look great and feel great – like a movie star. And that movie-star look and feel starts with a dazzling smile.


Make an Appointment for Your Smile!​

The Importance Of A 'Killer Smile'

Is it possible to assign a value to your smile? Can its value be measured in the self confidence it gives you? Is its value in how it improves your public appearance – whitening and brightening your teeth while supporting your jawline, making you look years younger and stronger?

Let me share some of the scientifically proven value a stunning smile has. I believe that the information I am about to give to you will persuade you to partner with me, as a colleague, and take immediate actions that will maximise your dental health, smile, and life!

The fact is that a perfect smile can add vibrance, sex-appeal, and youth to your appearance, while improving your self-worth and economic success. A cinema-quality smile can alter your life!

What evidence has science given us about the impact of an amazing smile?


Science tells us that a smile is a large part of a first impression, and dingy, stained, crooked, or chipped teeth are nearly impossible to hide. You can smile with your lips hiding your teeth. You can disguise your teeth by covering your mouth with your hand. You can even turn your head away whenever you have to open your mouth.

But normal people don’t do this, and other people will take notice if you do it!

So, the question shouldn’t be how to hide your unattractive smile, but should be what are you waiting for? When will you step up and get a smile you can be proud of and that will make others smile back?

The good news is that an unattractive smile can usually be fixed easily and quickly!

In a short time, perhaps as little as one treatment, we can help you sport a stunning new smile that highlights your positive attributes and presents a new you to the world. 

However, even with a brilliant smile turned out to the world, it is important to take great care of your teeth. 
 Your smile can change from one you try to hide to one you are proud to display!


Keeping your teeth not only protects your smile, but it can also extend your life! This is why the goal of our partnership is to keep your original teeth for as long as possible. Keeping original teeth improves your appearance, your ability to eat and digest food, and reduces dental costs. These are only some of the reasons it is critical to avoid or treat gum or bone disease, and keep your teeth free from cavities. With a bit of work on your dental health, you can improve your appearance and add years to your healthy life!

At Comfort Dental Centre Buderim we have a comprehensive and integrated program aimed at KEEPING YOUR ORIGINAL TEETH! Our plan is holistic and based on preventativebehaviouralnutritional, and non-invasive approaches to manage and even reverse gum, bone, and tooth diseases. We also offer specialized treatments for a variety of patients including pregnant women, children, the elderly, and diabetics.

We regularly screen for diabetic risk, which is often associated with poor dental health. We are trained in diagnostic and treatment differences for the young and elderly, and our treatments for pregnant women are appropriate for each trimester. Our practice is friendly to all patients!


Studies reveal that millions of people fear dental pain. Nobody likes pain and many people avoid the dentist’s office because they are afraid of it. But my commitment to you includes the highest level of pain-reduction through cutting edge treatments! My practice offers a variety of solutions to pain, including local anaesthetics and conscious sedation. We are here to ensure that your dental experience is anxiety and pain-free!


To get that stunning, cheerful smile that gives you the self-confidence to face the world with complete confidence, just call today!

Your dental examination is professional and thorough, including:

Call us on (07) 5370 8865 and take the first step towards better appearance, increased confidence, more success, and optimal dental health. You owe it to yourself to get your examination today!


You know what your smile is worth. At Comfort Dental Centre Buderim we also know what your smile is worth and we want to make it a million-dollar smile! Our goal is to use our state-of the art tools, gentle, pain-free, anxiety-free dentistry to help you achieve results that can change your life – a dazzling smile full of attractive teeth!

A new smile can bring increased greater confidence, a younger and improved look, career success, even luck in love! 
 We can help you reach greater heights with our proven smile improvement treatments.

You deserve it! Call (07) 5370 8865 or book online today and secure your dental consultation!

Our team is waiting to work with you to achieve the stunning smile you deserve. In partnership, we can improve your smile, and improve your life!


Dr. Lakshmi Morisetty B.D.S., M.P.H., M.B.A

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