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The Facts You Need to Know About Root Canal Treatment – Buderim, QLD

About Root Canal Treatment
When a patient hears the dentist say “you need a root canal” for the first time, they can become hesitant or even scared as it is unfamiliar for them.

Several questions will pop up in their minds, as well as worries if it really is as painful as its name sounds.

No need to worry, for we at Comfort Dental Centre is here to help you feel at ease.

We have prepared a few things every patient should know before their first root canal session.

Hopefully, these pieces of information can help their dental procedure go smoothly and worry-free!

  • Root canal treatment is the process where the dentist would remove the infected pulp located in the centre of a tooth. To gain access to the tooth that needs to be treated, it will be drilled carefully. The infected pulp, as well as any affected portions of the root chamber, will be properly eliminated to prevent any other complications from developing. It is also to make sure that the tooth will be appropriately preserved.
  • Contrary to what other people believe, the treatment is not at all painful. The reason why patients felt pain is because of the infection itself. But to make sure that they would feel entirely comfortable and worry-free, anaesthetics or sedation options can be provided.
  • X-rays prior to the treatment will be performed. It allows the dentist to check the extent of the infection to provide effective treatment.
  • The procedure does not cause any harm to the tooth; instead, it secures the structure from further damage and prevents the spread of infection to the adjacent teeth.
  • Dental crowns are usually provided after the treatment to serve as a protective shell for the tooth. It also allows patients to normally use the teeth for chewing, talking, and smiling without any worries.
  • Patients who experience any forms of discomfort to their teeth usually take over the counter medications for relief. While it does typically alleviate the pain, its effects are only temporary. To provide permanent relief, root canal treatment is best performed.

Dentists at Comfort Dental Centre want to save the patients teeth as much as possible to avoid extractions.

That is why we highly recommend them to undergo a root canal treatment once an infection is experienced to preserve the tooth and overall oral health successfully.

Suspect you have a tooth infection? Let us help in its diagnosis and proper treatment.

Avail of our Root Canal Treatment in Buderim, QLD. Book an appointment with us at Comfort Dental Centre.

Our dental office is located at T204b, 32 Wises Road, Buderim, Queensland 4556.