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Tooth Extractions in Buderim

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No one wants to have a tooth extracted. You’ll do everything in your power to avoid it. Even your dentist will do the same. Every possible solution will be discussed before settling for an extraction.

But sometimes, a tooth extraction is the best possible treatment. We at Comfort Dental Centre only perform tooth extractions if it is best for you. We are after your best interests, hence we assure you of completely safe tooth extractions in our office.

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Common Reasons For A Tooth Extraction

Tooth decay

Bacteria in the mouth thrive on poor dental hygiene. Bacteria attack the tooth enamel forming cavities in the teeth. If detected early, your dentist can stop extraction through fillings, crowns, and other dental treatments. However further neglect may lead to an extraction

Dental abscess

The bacteria do not only attack the enamel. The damage can reach the pulp causing a dental abscess. There are a number of available solutions for this, depending on the severity of the situation, and tooth extraction is one.

Wisdom tooth problems

The wisdom teeth or the third molars may be problematic. Impaction and gum flap infection  are some of the common issues for a wisdom tooth. Extraction is usually recommended for this.


Correcting crooked teeth and treating other bite defects through orthodontics sometimes requires a few sacrifices such as tooth extractions.

Safe And Painless Tooth Extractions At Comfort Dental Centre

We understand that extractions are the last thing you want. Rest assured that we at Comfort Dental Centre will do everything we can to avoid this. In case a tooth extraction is what you need, we guarantee a safe and painless procedure in our clinic.

We offer premium quality tooth replacement options as well!

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